Window glazing – what is this?

by dimitkoster on August 15, 2012

The glass is the real part of a glass window, is knowm as window glazing. Glazing is installed in the window with glazing putty and a framework that supports the glass and hold it in place. The act of glass replacement is known as “reglazing” and there are many reasons to reglaze a window ranging from the need to replace the broken glass window will be placed with more energy efficient glass.

The work of installing glass is historically done by Glazier, a construction specialist who focuses on the installation of glass. Windows is still used for reglazing project, which is to preserve the original frame. Otherwise, it is more likely to buy the whole box that can be ordered in custom size or configuration, special needs, and assembled on site by main contractor. Glass-Stock Windows will also perform installations, usually for a fee.

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Historically, windows are one glazed, one glass. Today there are many options for glazing. Double or triple glazing create greater isolation structure more energy efficient by reducing heat loss through windows. Glass can be tinted to protect from sunlight, wrapped in plastic film, which increases energy efficiency, and otherwise manipulated to make Windows more efficiently. In some regions of energy-efficient windows can be subsidized by utilities or the government as an incentive to improve efficiency of the home.

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